Maison De Legavie

About Maison De Legavie…

My son was born 10 weeks early and was only 2 pounds at birth. I could barely believe he was the size of a 20-ounce water bottle. He was so incredibly small.

In order to remind myself of my son’s tiny size I created a memorabilia box where I gathered and labeled all of the special items from his first year. This process was so enjoyable that I started looking at all of the special items that I wanted to pass down to Grayson so that he had a sense of his childhood and his life’s legacy. Hence the name Maison de Legavie which basically translates into “ House of Your Life’s Legacy.”

Whether it is a fine art pencil, pastel, oil, photographic portrait or a specially designed memorabilia box we look forward to helping you create beautiful fine art family heirloom pieces that your family members will cherish for generations to come.

Katherine Smith
Artist & Owner


Pricing Upon Request